Smart Stress Project

A comprehensive study is to clarify and demonstrate with objective facts the influence that psychosocial risks have on health, and with actions have the most influence on reducing psychosocial risks and stress.

Want to participate?


An initial meeting will be held to explain the conditions, characteristics and methodology of the study.

Data compilation

A one-day or two-day (maximum) visit will be made to the participating companies in order to be able to compile the information requested so that the collaborating companies do not have to carry out additional task.

Data analysis and report

All the information will be compiled and a report drawn up.

Presentation and publication

Four public presentations will be made of the study in Madrid, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona and it will be published on this website.

SMART STRESS PROJECT will become on psychosocial risks, developing reference studies and constantly compiling about topics related to psychosocial risks at work.

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